Products We Offer

Geekay Industries are highly committed sheet metal manufacturer of the following range of products since 1978.

Fire Rated Door Accessories

Hinge Plate

Hinge Plate with Side Support

Lock Plate

Fastener Plate

Top Plate

Hinge Cover

Transformer Accessories

Lifting angles

Mounting angles

Aluminium angles

C clamps

Terminal Lugs

25 mm terminal lug

10 mm terminal lug

8 mm terminal lug

6 mm terminal lug

Fork type lug

Star head lug

Terminal Connectors

Z type connectors

J type connectors

Flat connectors

Construction Machinery Parts

Pressure Plate

Clutch Plate Bracket

Floater Machine Blade

Floater Machine Disc

Aluminium Heat Sink




Machine Facilities Provided in Geekay Industries

Power Press

Mechanical Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machine